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I am a portraiture photographer. Weddings, family, maternity and portraits is what I do. I specialize in natural light & on-location photography.

Born and raised in Belarus, I moved to America when I was 19. I now live on Cape Cod and I absolutely love it.

I always loved taking photos and now I can share my passion with everyone. Capturing beautiful moments of others lives makes me happy, and happiness is my goal in life.
I am always taking online classes and workshops to improve my skills to make my photos better and better. I strive to do the best work I can every time.

A bride has been dreaming about her wedding from the time she was a little girl. She has not been dreaming about the bokeh behind her or that I would photograph her with an L series lens. She has been dreaming about all the excitement and emotions, and the way she is going to feel when her husband sees her as she is walking down the aisle. And the way her Dad is going to feel when he finally gives her away. Is he going to cry because he loves her so much? These are the things that the bride is envisioning on her wedding day. And if I can make the bride know that I captured all that joy, and fulfill that experience that she wanted for so long, then I can say that I did my job right. 

Meet Tatsiana

Hi, my name is Tatsiana and I am a 

wedding photographer on Cape Cod

Coffee is everything.
I like to drink my coffee black.
However there is nothing like a well made cappuccino!
Or a latte. Or macchiato.
Did I mention I REALLY love coffee? 

Traveling gives me food for my soul.
The last trip I went on was to Arizona.
What a different world it is from New England.
And Grand Canyon was SPECTACULAR !

I am a glass full kind of gal.
And it is usually filled with wine :-)
Or coffee. 
My latest favorite wine is Pouilly-Fumé.

This is Corbin, my fur baby/assistant/model.
He is the best!!!

few random facts about me

make your wedding day unforgettable

A wedding day experience starts with taking photos of all of the wedding details. All of the little things that you have spent so much time thinking about and picking out. The wedding rings. The wedding dress. The wedding shoes. The veil. All of the jewelry you have picked out for this big day. Your something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. All these things are so important and meaningful to you.
I always think that it would have been so amazing to see all of these wedding details from my grandmother's wedding. That is the reason why I take time to carefully photograph all of the wedding details.
I love getting photos of all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen getting ready. To show how much fun everyone was having and how they were feeling.
Once everyone is ready, it is time for the first look. It is an amazing chance for the groom to see his bride for the first time.
Most of the guys are more traditional. And most of the girls are more adventurous and want to have the first look. And the reason why is they don't want to spend a lot of time apart on their wedding day. A lot of grooms say that the first look did not ruin the isle moment, it actually enhanced it. And when the time come for the first look and the groom is very nervous, he actually says that he is so happy to do it now and not in front of everyone else.
There are so many things that will be going on on the wedding day. And the first look provides time to be together without all of the people around. It is the time to just be together and talk and be yourselves. 
During the ceremony there are a lot of things going on as the bride and groom are consumed in the moment saying their wedding wows. I am going to be your eyes, I will make sure that I capture the reactions of your mom and your dad, your grandparents, and everyone else who came to share this big moment with you.
During reception I will capture the party and all of the fun, so you can remember how much fun everyone had on the most important day - your wedding day.
I want you to be able to show your children and your grandchildren photos, albums and prints so they can see what you looked like on one of your best and happiest days - your wedding day. All I had from my parents wedding day is a few black and white photos, they certainly looked happy, but those photos did not show emotions and abundance of joy. I have even less from my grandparents weddings. And I wish I could see more, I wish I could see a wedding album that tells a love story, a big canvas on the wall that reminds everyone every time they see it where it all began.
And this is why I will make sure that your wedding day is captured through and through. Nothing forgotten.
I cannot wait to meet you and I cannot wait to be a part of your wedding day!

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