Nicole and Josh engagement photography shoot

Nicole and Josh engagement photo shoot

Such a great couple, we had a beautiful day for an engagement photography shoot at one of our favorite spots, the Bourne Farm in Falmouth, MA

I like to ask my couples a few questions to see how it all started:


How did you meet?

We worked together at an ambulance company and attended an end of year celebration at Tobey Keith bar and grill . 

What were the first things your liked about each other?

His smile 

What did you do for your first date? (Where did you go, was it a good date, did you want to go out again)

Alcapocos Mexican restaurant was an awesome time ! 

How long have you been dating until the proposal?

10 months 

How did he propose?

It was the blood moon, he proposed at Surfs Drive beach in Falmouth .

Did you know and expect the proposal?

Not really 

What is the location for your wedding? Is there any particular and special reason why you picked that location?

The Lighthouse Inn in West Dennis, we were engaged on a beach thought it would be nice to be married on one, we had jet ski’s there a couple years in a row 

What is your favorite part about the wedding location?

The lighthouse and on location cottages 

  1. Arli Quinn says:

    Gracious her hair ❤️ And those sunset photos 🙌🏻 What a sweet couple!

  2. Tina Weaver says:

    LOVE the ring! Beautifully captured…congratulations to the couple!!


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