Why you should do a bridal photo shoot before the wedding

bridal photo shootWhy you should do a bridal photo shoot before the wedding.

Usually there is a lot of talk about engagement photos, but surprisingly enough there is another shoot you might want to think about – a bridal photo shoot. These photos are more common in southern U.S., but they are sure making their way to the rest of the country as well. 

Bridal portraits photo shoot are an old southern tradition, it started back in the day in Europe. The bride will have some portraits taken of just her well before her wedding day. She will wear her wedding dress and her hair/make up will be done by the same team as on her wedding day. These bridal photos are a secret until the day of the wedding. These photos are made to be shown at the wedding and often a large print will be displayed at the  reception.

Of course your wedding photographer will take a few portraits of the bride during the wedding, but more and more brides are booking a bridal photo shoot before the wedding. Here are a few reasons why.

Reasons to do a bridal photo shoot:

1. It will give you a chance to decide if you want to change anything about your look on your wedding day. It is a chance for you to see how everything looks together. To see how great your dress is, and how amazing your make up and hair looks. This is a great trial run for your hair and make up.

2. This is a chance for you to have stress free bridal photos. There will be plenty of time to get all of the different bridal photos taken and not worry about your wedding timeline. And of course your wedding photographer will take photos of you on your wedding day, but a separate shoot is just more easy going and relaxed and you can enjoy the process just a little bit more.wedding photographer

3. A bridal photo shoot gives you practice for your posing. Your wedding photographer will coach you through all of the different poses, and you can actually try them out in your wedding dress, since sometimes some of them can be very challenging. A lot of times brides look up different poses online and they want to try them. So with the bridal photo shoot you will know exactly which poses work for you and which don’t. 

4. You can go to more locations for different backgrounds then you can on your wedding day. There is more flexibility with the time so there are more diverse photos.

5. It can be a fantastic focal point for your wedding reception. With your wedding photographer you can pick the best portrait and print it and frame it. And then you will be able to display it at your wedding reception.

bridal photosFew commonly asked questions about the bridal photo shoot:

When should I have my bridal photos taken?

  • One to two months before your wedding. By that time your wedding dress final alterations will be done. Also this will give you time to clean the wedding gown if it gets dirty during the shoot (which doesn’t happen often).

Who will be involved with my bridal portrait session?

  • Your photographer will be the main person for this shoot as well as your make up and hair artists. You florist will also be there- you will need a pretty bouquet of flowers.

Where do bridal portrait sessions take place?

  • A bridal photo shoot is similar to an engagement shoot. Minus the groom, add a wedding dress. So really any location that you like will be great. But if you can have these photos taken at the wedding venue it can have more sentimental value to you.bride with wedding bouquet

Should I have my wedding bouquet in the photos?

  • It is up to you but I really think it is a great idea to include your bouquet in at least some of your photos. This will give you more variety to the photos, but you will also be able to see if you love your wedding bouquet 100%.

How large should I get my bridal portrait printed?

  • 20×24 is a really great size to have your bridal portrait printed on. It is large enough without being too over the top.
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