Benefits of hiring a photographer for your Cape Cod proposal

proposal photosWhy should you hire a professional photographer for a proposal?

Congratulations! You found the love of your life and you cannot spend another moment without that person. You are ready to pop the big question. This is a once in a lifetime event. You both will always remember this moment. So why not hire a professional photographer to capture this magical moment for you?

The proposal itself can be whatever you want it to be: very grand and public or just the two of you. Either way a professional photographer will be able to capture the proposal and you will have amazing photos.

Here are some reason why hiring a professional wedding photographer will be a great idea for your proposal.

Ease the stress

A proposal is a nerve wrecking (in a good way of course) moment. It happens very quickly. And with all of the nerves and excitement you might not remember every moment and detail of it. The solution is a photographer. They might be hiding in the bushes to keep this moment private and a surprise. But you will get great photos of the proposal and the reactions from both of you. He surprises her, she surprises him with a yes.

Coaching and assistance

A professional photographer will make sure that you will receive amazing photos. A photographer knows what to expect and how to get the perfect shots. Using professional gear helps as well as it performs way better than an iPhone camera. Also the photographer can help you to make your dream proposal a reality. With a trained eye, a photographer can advise you on where to stand and what spot would be perfect (location, decorations and lighting).

Save the dates

You can use the proposal photos in your wedding stationery along with your engagement photos from a shoot that would be a little bit more planned. It will be a very nice touch, and your family will be able to relive and enjoy the moment as well.

Share your moment

We live in the social media age so it is more than likely you will be sharing your proposal photos and the story with everyone on instagram and Facebook. A professional photographer will deliver you amazing photos for that use. Also there is a good chance that he or she will write a great blog for their website, so you will be able to share that with everyone. And to make it even better, a lot of times professional photographers are being published quite often in online wedding blogs and magazines, which makes it pretty amazing sharing your moment with the world.

Having perfect proposal photos is probably not for everyone. There are couples that really like to keep it between the two of them. However there are many people who really like to share their story, and hiring a photographer for the proposal is definitely a must.


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