Why do you need a wedding album

Hiring a photographer for your wedding day is a big expense, but most of the time it is an investment that is worth the money spent. With a great wedding photographer come amazing wedding photos and the decisions of what to do with them. Getting a customized professional wedding album is another investment.

Pros and cons of getting a wedding albumcape cod wedding photographer

Probably the biggest drawback of an album is it’s cost. But I always tell my clients to think more of the value and not the cost.

It seems like a lot of times people underestimate the value of a wedding album.  But what is an actual value of the album?

I say – an experience.  A wedding album is a beautiful keepsake, it  is your first family heirloom, that you will want to pass down the generations. Your wedding is a story, and an album is the best way to tell that story. As a little girl I loved looking at my grandmother’s wedding photos. But I only had a few, and there really wasn’t any story along with it. It was still so special for me, and I always wanted to know more. Think how special it will be to show your grandchildren one day what you looked like on your wedding day. When you get a wedding album, it is not just for you and your husband to enjoy. It really is an experience for your whole family, and may even be for your children and grandchildren to cherish.

Think beyond Instagram and Facebook sharing, think about physical prints and what would that mean. A wedding album is something that you will look at again and again. It is something that you will be showing off to your friends and family, or look through on that special anniversary day.

plymouth wedding photographersWhy get it done professionally?

As a wedding photographer I always recommend getting a professional wedding album. And here is why.

After your wedding day it is more then likely that you will not have time to go through ALL of your wedding photos – there are so many of them. There are too many post wedding things to take care. Your wedding photographer has an eye for picking out the best photos, so why not to use this to your advantage? It is not that easy to decide on 50-100 best photos.

Getting a professional wedding album means you have the best quality materials that can withstand the test of time. Let me tell you a little secret – most printing companies only offer the the highest quality albums to professional wedding photographers.

Everyone will love your wedding album for many yearswedding photographer cape cod

That is why I think the biggest pros of getting a professionally done wedding album is in its quality and value for the future years to come. Maybe one day your grand kids will turn pages and guess who is who. And then laugh at how funny the fashion was way back when. I personally do remember what my parents wore for their wedding. My mom wore this huge hat with flowers which looks funny now. However as children, my sister and I will flip pages of my parents’ wedding album and dream of our own weddings.

And last thing I will say: if you don’t do something with your wedding photos now, they probably will end up sitting on your computer, collecting dust. And in 10 years later you might decide that it is time for a wedding album. 10 years that you could’ve shown everyone your special day.

Ultimately, it is every couples personal choice what to do with their wedding photos. But at the end of the day, there are more pros for me, so I say Yay!

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